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RONDO system is an innovative way of closing interiors with sliding-rotary movement. The door open in both sides, which makes it easier to get around (also for disabled). In FLAT model the RONDO system is available in full version.


An interesting solution, enabling opening of the door inside the interior, while from the corridor they look exactly like the door that open outside interior. In FLAT model the REVERSE REBATE is available in full version.


Use of hidden casing makes creating one flat level of door and wall possible. After finishing of the wall the casing is not visible. Door with hidden cases are available in non-rebated version (the one that opens outside the interior) and in reverse rebated one.

Technical specification

Basic accessories:
• standard key lock, bathroom lock, frugal or patent insert adjusted in gold or chrome color,
• joggle hinges in gold or chrome color (rebated version),
• hiding hinges (in non-rebated version),
• matt glass in door leaves with glazing,
• gasket in casing and inside the nick of rebated leaf,
• coupling plate in casing in gold or chrome color,
• rebated Door leaf 42 mm thick or non-rebated door leaf 38 mm thick.

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