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  • Modern interiors with high doors

    High doors make great impression. Thay can be hidden in the wall or on the contrary - highlight them. They can be full or glazed. On the frame without an upper beam they can even reach the ceiling!


FROM 1990

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We are inspired with unique spaces, especially those made of natural materials like wood. For them it is the best to use our door.

Door from nature.

In our work we concentrate on details. The design process, choosing best materials and fashionable, unique finish is of great importance to us. Our door can be described with three most important features: quality, exceptional design and functionality. The quality of our products is advocated with research and certificates. The uniqueness does not apply only to appearance of our product but also the fact that we realize individual visions of architects as well as our clients. Functionality refers to modern ways of opening door.
And it’s all thanks to people, not machines. We have a well-knit team, who takes care of each part of the process – from design to distribution.
Despite of producing large number of door and its components we take great care of one of the most important relation partner – nature.

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