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03 October 2017

Do you know pros of RONDO system?

RONDO system is an innovative way of closing rooms with sliding-rotary movement. Door open in both directions which makes is super comfortable to use (also for disabled people). Opened at 90 door leaf takes a lot of less space than a traditional one which gives more possibilities in organizing space in the apartment.


Pros of RONDO system:

  • modern, functional, original solution,
  • takes less space and minimalizes the problem of two door placed very close to each other,
  • gives more arrangement possibilities, a perfect solution for small bathrooms
  • it’s very easy to open (door always open in the direction of the person who opens it) which is a good solution for spaces designed for disabled people
  • it’s easy to install
  • it has a blocking system when door are in the central position,
  • it is an alternative for sliding door
  • It is available in many models from our offer and in a lot of color finishes.


RONDO system is available with ALBA, BARI, CAPRI, CLASSIC (only flashed), GLOSERO, MILANO (only flashed), NAPOLI (only flashed), FLAT (only flashed) and TORINO (only flashed).