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Private tenement in Kraków

  • interior fire safe door with coffers: ATENA EI30 1500/2600 - 14 pieces, ETNA EI60 1500/2600 - 2 pieces.
  • styled interior door, entrance fire safe door with coffers made according to investors vision
  • oryginal slat strips
  • retro bands

Vega Technik Development ul. Emaus 19, 30-213 Kraków,

Elegant, krakow tenement near Straszewskiego 10 street was build at the end of XIX century. It is situated near Old Town and Jagiellonian University. Vistulas boulevards are nearby and from the north side Zwierzyniecka street with perfectly organized public transport, many shops and serive stores.

The tenement was renovated with keeping its old character both outside and inside as antique details were kept (such as elements of old door and windows, mouldings on the walls and on the ceilings or old tiled stoves).

In this project a special order for very untypical product was realized. Double door have special anorments, coffers and are also fire safe ones. They are significantly higher than standard door. On the INTER DOOR designers site there was a great challenge of creating special slat strips, coffers and dedicated handles in retro style. Investor wanted to keep the tenement style because of its history and location (in the centre of the city).

To make this place as comfortable as possible its stairway is equipped with silent elevator and front office with 24h surveillance. Underground you can find a fitness club, available only for residents. There are 14 apartment in the building in sizes from 55,01 m² to 118 m² as well as 2 business premises 86 m² and 92 m² large. On the last floor there are 2 spacious apartments with partially glazed, dwar back ceiling and modern airconditioning system. Each apartment has its own storage room which can be used as a wine cellar. Apartments height is 3,5m and they have large glazings using porte-fenêtre. All apartments are equipped with modern infrastructural technique solutions (structural cable system, alarms, satellite etc.).


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