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03 October 2017

When to use a reverse rebate?

The characteristic of reverse rebated door is that they open toward the inside of the room but still look the same from the corridor as the door that open outside of the room.

Imagine that you a room very close to corridor and next to it there is a bathroom. Corridor is a strategic place in your apartment. At the same time it is narrow and opening the door of the bedroom could hurt somebody who is entering your home. Bedroom is big so you would want the door to open inside. But there is bathroom next to that room. Polish rules recommend that bathroom door should open outwards. You have a modern apartment, you like simple solutions so you pick hinges that are hidden. But you would like for both of the door to look the same when they are closed.



We propose a perfect solution in this situation – door with reverse rebate. The visualization above shows how the door look when they are opened and below you have the same door closed. The door on the right are installed with reverse rebate. The other ones are non-rebated door (VERA casing). Problem solved and the door appearance is perfect.