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03 October 2017

What is a hidden casing?

Using a hidden casing makes it possible to get a one flat surface of door and wall. After finishing the wall the casing is not visible for the user.

Door with hidden casings are made in non-rebated version that opens outwards and reverse-rebated version where the door are opening through the casing. Hidden casing is made from aluminum profiles finished during installation. There is a possibility to order door leaf prepared to be painted by the customer.

Models of the door leaves:

Door with hidden casing in non-rebated version are available in every interior door model in the offer.

Door with hidden casing in reverse-rebated version are available with: ALBA, ALLANDE, BARI, BOLZANO, CLASSIC (flashed), DERBY, LIVORNO, LUKKA, MANHATTAN (flashed), FLAT (flashed), SIENA and TORINO (flashed).