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It all depends on the specific door that has been ordered. Below you will find terms for different door and their finishes. There is a chance that the process will be shorter if production will have such possibility. To check your order contact the store where you made your purchase.

INTER DOOR door can be seen on our expositions which can be found in all our sale points. Adresses are listed in the “Stores” section. Each sale point has different door models in different coor and finish versions. Because of our wide range of products in the given store you will only see some of our door models. In the store you can ask to see samples of our color and finish colletion. If you want to see a specific door model as a whole please call us and ask where near to your place of living you can find them. Contact: +48 58 572 26 57

INTER DOOR doora re made with high quality materials, that have documents confiriming their adavantages. Door are awarded by professionals in design (Design Institute in Warsaw). Inside our door you will not find honeycomb structure and by investing in them you will have sure that they will serve you for many many years.

Door on the website are supposed to give our clients a general outlook on how they look in reality. The most important for us was to show how a given veneer looks on the larger format. Colors are best visible on samples that are available in stores, but still they can not give you the whole picture of NATURA finish for example (this happens because of the fact that every tree has a different structure of graining).

It is important to know that NATURA finisz can change its color when the time passes. Colors of venners are best to be seen in reality – in the electronic version they can look different according to how your screen displays them.

Similar to door with untypical finishes we are flexible and able to consider every original and brave proposition. Our company is different from others because we do make such realizations (of course in accordance to our, quite wide, production possibilities). The bigger realization the bigger the chance that we will make door according to your vision and creative imagination.