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05 December 2017
architects meetings

Everyone was a carpenter in Kraków!

For this one day our achitects set there shoulders to the wheel and felt what it is like to be a real carpenter. Meeting in Kraków is another one from the "Door to design" cycle. Place of the event was not choosen randomly. So much design on m2 can only be find in Forum Designu.

We presented our posibilities to our guests. They could see all of our solutions, functionality and door models. We presented out door model in retro style – FRESA, as well as solutions such as reverse rebate.

In the place of workshops we could find classics of worlds design as well as some of the best polish projects. It was crucial for us to pick the right location, we always try to inspire our guests in places such as Forum Designu.


Not only did we took care of delivering solid amount of knowledge about doors, but we also presented its most important material. The star of the day was wood. Every participant had a chance to make his or her own product such as laptop or tablet stand under the carefull eye of specialists from Wióry Lecą group.


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